NY Bill Proposes Criminal Charges for Drowsy Drivers

Photo source: Wikipedia
Photo source: Wikipedia

A new bill pending in the New York State assembly proposes to make drowsy driving a criminal offense. Currently, it is not a crime in New York to drive while tired and any non-commercial driver who is found to be too tired is exonerated from punishment larger than a ticket, even if the driver causes a crash and someone dies as a result.

Similar to the influence of alcohol or drugs, drowsy driving slows reaction time, decreases awareness, impairs judgment, and increases aggressiveness.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drowsiness is the principal cause of up to 100,000 police-reported passenger vehicle crashes each year, killing at least 1,500 people and injuring 71,000.

Many associate drowsy driving with commercial truck drivers who spend long hours on the roads.  However, AAA reports that 1 out of 3 non-commercial drivers have also admitted to falling asleep at the wheel while driving at least once in their life.

Under the new bill, a crash caused by a driver who was impaired due to fatigue would be classified as a misdemeanor and a crash causing death would constitute a felony. If convicted, the driver could lose their license and face jail time.

Local attorneys argue that while drowsy driving is a dangerous problem, criminal penalties would be nearly impossible for police to enforce. “I think it’s absolutely unenforceable. The only thing to prove anything like that is someone would have to admit it,” said Richard Healy, District Attorney for Wayne County. Unlike alcohol-related crashes, there is no objective test for sleepiness behind the wheel that investigators could administer to a driver at the scene of a crash. This makes police training to identify drowsiness as a crash factor a very difficult task.

Most states do not have drowsy driving laws in place yet. However, the New Jersey legislature tackled drowsy driving in 2003 by passing Maggie’s Law. The law, named after a 20-year-old college student who was killed by a drowsy driver, states that a sleep-deprived driver qualifies as a reckless driver and can be convicted of vehicular homicide resulting in jail time.

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Reckless Driver Kills Passenger While Fleeing Police

ny car crashReckless driving in New York can result in serious legal and financial repercussions, such as fines, surcharge fees, points on your license, and increased insurance rates. However, reckless driving can also have more fatal consequences.

25-year-old Tiffany Allen has been charged with reckless driving, unlawful fleeing of a police officer, and manslaughter after leading police on a high speed chase resulting in the death of her passenger, 41-year-old Shawnique Hills. Allen, a resident of Linden, NJ, was allegedly trying to escape from the police due to her criminal history, as she had previously been arrested for weapons, drugs, resisting arrest, assault on police, and hindering prosecution.

Allen was driving through Washington Heights in her Honda Accord when officers in an unmarked car tried to stop her for a routine traffic violation. When the police turned on their emergency lights, Allen sped away, blew through several red lights, and drove the wrong way down a one-way street.

She was finally stopped when a Chevrolet Impala traveling through a green light struck the passenger side of the Honda. Hill, who was sitting in the passenger seat when the car was struck, was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Allen is currently being held on $200,000 bail, according to Department of Corrections records.

If you find yourself being pulled over by the police, you should never attempt to outrun them. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, NJ, said,“Tiffany Allen’s alleged recklessness, which included fleeing police and speeding through multiple red lights, endangered the lives of countless New Yorkers, and resulted in the death of her passenger. [T]oday’s indictment sends a clear message to those who are careless and foolish behind the wheel: If you disobey our traffic laws, there are serious consequences for your actions.”

If you have been charged with reckless driving in NY, contact The Rosenblum Law Firm today at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation with an experienced traffic attorney.

NYC Launches Video Campaign to Curb Reckless Driving

Last November, New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio launched his “Vision Zero” campaign to fight reckless driving in NY through public awareness, law enforcement, street design and new legislature. His first step was to lower the city speed limit to 25 mph to reduce accidents and pedestrian deaths. This year, in a combined effort from several NYC departments, the initiative has moved forward with a public awareness campaign that uses several short videos to highlight the very real dangers of speeding and texting while driving.

The videos seek to help drivers take responsibility for their reckless decisions, using the tagline “Your choices matter.” Dangerous driving decisions are major factors in 70% of pedestrian fatalities, according to the Department of Transportation.

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Failure to Yield, Like Reckless Driving, May Now Become a Criminal Offense in NYC

When Mayor Bill de Blasio took office last year, he prioritized a plan to eliminate all traffic fatalities in New York City. To reform the city’s driving culture, de Blasio implemented a policy called Vision Zero, which imposed new guidelines on city motorists. One notable guideline that may have the greatest effect on drivers is the new standard of punishment for failing to yield to pedestrians—a citation that is understandably common in the congested Big Apple.

A driver that hits a pedestrian after failing to yield may now face criminal charges and jail time. With the strict new punishment, a failure to yield summons is now comparable to a reckless driving summons—which also exposes offenders to criminal charges and possible jail time. This is a departure from the historical criminal standard in New York City, when a driver only faced criminal charges for hitting a pedestrian after committing an additional aggravated offense, such as speeding, or running a red light.

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Marcell Dareus Set To Stand Trial for Off-the-Field Reckless Driving Incident

After appearing in the Hamburg Town Court last Tuesday on reckless driving, reckless endangerment and a host of other related charges, 25 year old Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus is scheduled to be back in court on May 19th to stand trial.  The charges stem from an incident that occurred nearly a year ago on May 30, when he crashed his car into a tree during an alleged street race with Jerry Hughes, another Bills defensive lineman.

Marcell Dareus
Buffalo Bills tackle Marcell Dareus who was charged with reckless driving after an alleged drag race. (Source: Wikipedia)

The wreck was one of two off-the-field incidents that landed Dareus in legal trouble and that he is trying to resolve.  Earlier in May, while being stopped for speeding in Alabama, Dareus was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled dangerous substance, “spice,” also known as synthetic cannabis.  For this charge, Dareus was allowed to enter a pre-trial intervention program which stipulates that if he completes the court-ordered requirements, which include his participation in the NFL’s substance abuse program, the felony possession charge will be dismissed, and the arrest can be erased from his record.

Unfortunately for Dareus, NY is not letting him off that easy with respect to the charges that culminated from his May 30 crash in Erie County, NY.  According to police reports, on May 30, Dareus wrecked a 2012 Jaguar, during what law enforcement has described as drag racing, on a public street in a Buffalo suburb.  Police say that that Dareus lost control of the car, jumped the curb, and hit a tree about 10 yards from an entrance to the Mongolian Buffet restaurant.  Police assert that Dareus, who was uninjured in the crash, fled the wrecked vehicle, but was arrested 15 minutes later.

As a result of the May 30th incident, the former Huffman High School and Alabama Crimson Tide standout is charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, participating in an illegal speed contest, leaving the scene of a property-damage accident, failure to keep right, speeding, and making an unsafe lane change.  Although Dareus has pleaded not guilty to the charges, his teammate Jerry Hughes, who was not charged, has admitted that he was indeed racing Dareus in his Camaro on May 30.

Despite the admission of Dareus’s teammate, Michael Caffery, Dareus’s attorney turned down an offer from the prosecution that involved Dareus pleading guilty to the reckless driving charge.  Athough under the proposed agreement all other charges against Dareus would be dismissed, Caffery did not “want [his] client to plead guilty to a crime.”  In NY, once you plead guilty or are convicted of a reckless driving charge, not only is the record of your conviction permanent (meaning that it cannot be expunged), but you are also facing up to 30 days in jail, even on a first offense.   With a new trial date set for May 19, 2015 and a pre-trial conference set for March 12, the Buffalo News has reported that Caffery said he and the Erie County District Attorney’s office agreed to the postponement to continue discussions in an attempt to “resolve the case without going to trial.”

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Reckless Driving Can Land You in Jail, Just Ask Jayson Werth

You may think reckless driving is just another traffic violation like speeding or running a stop sign, but you’d be wrong. In New York, as in several other states, reckless driving is a criminal charge that can carry a jail sentence if convicted.

Jayson Werth
Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth who was sentenced to 10 days in prison for reckless driving. (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Virginia is one of those states that list reckless driving as a jailable offense, as Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth recently found out. Convicted on December 5, 2014, Werth was sentenced to 10 days in jail for driving his Porche at a speed of over 100 mph in a 55 mph zone on the Capital Beltway in Fairfax, VA.  Werth’s driver’s license will also be suspended for 6 months due to his conviction.

Given the excessive rate of speed, Fairfax County General District Court Judge Penny A. Azcarte said that a jail sentence was appropriate. In imposing the sentence, Judge Azcarte noted that, “I-495 is not a racetrack,” and that the sentence would have been the same regardless of what that person did for a living.

During his hearing, Werth admitted that he may have been driving 90 mph, but denied that his speed ever broke the 100 mph mark.  Werth’s attorney, Rod Leffler, unsuccessfully sought to have the case against his client dismissed by challenging the reliability of the state trooper’s pacing of Werth. Leffler also requested that the court take into account that at the time his client was excessively speeding, traffic was light.

Werth, 35, who is currently under a 7-year $126 million contract with the Nationals, has the option of appealing his conviction to the Fairfax County Circuit Court, but there is no word yet on whether he will take up an appeal.  Practically speaking, although sentenced to 10 days in jail, he will most likely only serve five of the ten days due to county jail rules and procedures.

Under New York law, reckless driving is a serious offense and is considered a criminal misdemeanor in most cases. In 2011, the New York State senate passed a bill that created the offense of aggravated reckless driving that carries even harsher penalties for driving recklessly while operating a vehicle under the influence or for driving down a roadway in the wrong direction.  If you are charged with aggravated reckless driving in NY, it is considered a Class E felony.

If you are charged with reckless driving in NY, in addition to five points assessed against your NY State driver’s license, a conviction will result in a non-expungable criminal record.  This means that the conviction cannot be erased from your record, will appear on criminal background checks, and can affect your ability to find a job, obtain student loans, and travel. Additionally, as in Virginia, a reckless driving conviction can result in a jail sentence on a first offense, which in NY can be for up to 30 days. This jail sentence is increased to up to 90 days on a second offense, and up to 180 days on a third offense.

In NY, there are also heavy fines that are associated with a reckless driving conviction. On a first offense, you can be fined up to $300.  If charged with a second offense within 18 months of a first offense, a reckless driving conviction can result in a fine of $525. A third offense for reckless driving is punishable with a fine of up to $1,125. On top of the hefty fines, a reckless driving conviction on your driver’s record can increase your auto insurance rates 40% or more!

If you have been charged with reckless driving in NY and would like to avoid these very serious and expensive consequences, contact The Rosenblum Law Firm today at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation with an experienced traffic attorney.

“Afroduck” Convicted after Lapping Manhattan in a Record 24 Minutes

A driver who goes by the moniker “Afroduck” admittedly sped off to Canada where he is evading the New York City Police Department after he was found guilty of converting Manhattan into his own private race track.

Afroduck, or Adam Tang, 31, of New York was found guilty in absentia of reckless endangerment and reckless driving after he filmed himself racing around Manhattan in his BMW Z4, reaching speeds of 100 mph and boasting that his 26.4 mile loop of the city only took him a record 24 minutes. By virtue of his uploading the dashcam video to YouTube, police were able to track down Tang using his computer’s IP address. And although a Manhattan jury convicted Tang on Thursday, the speedster was already in Canada, admittedly fleeing the American justice system, before his conviction was even read to the Court.

Although now officially running from the law, Tang did however, speak to an ABC News Station, WABC-TV in NY, on Friday from an undisclosed location. “The biggest lesson that I learned through all of this is that if the cops come knocking at your door, don’t cooperate. I mean what kind of society is that?” 

The 31 year-old told Eyewitness News that he was not about to go to jail for his 24 minute trip around the island of Manhattan last August. Tang told the news station that he skipped town because he was “tipped off” at his trial earlier this week that the jury was rigged. Nonetheless, Tang was convicted in absentia. Although Tang admits to speeding, he insists that he took “much precaution to make sure that [he] did it safely,” by choosing an early morning hour when he wouldn’t hurt anyone, and even stopping at red lights.

Prosecutors, however, were not impressed with Tang’s self-proclaimed safety precautions taken. “Adam Tang,” DA Cyrus Vance said in a statement, “showed blatant disregard for our traffic laws, and this dangerous and illegal behavior, which he repeatedly flaunted online, placed lives at risk.” The Manhattan DA has taken a hard line against daredevils. In addition to Tang’s case, Mr. Vance has sought felony charges and jail terms for three sky divers who jumped off One World Trade last year.

According to Tang, if the Manhattan DA’s office wants him in jail, they are going to have to come and get him. Tang portrays his disappearing act as one of protest against the US Criminal Justice System and claims that he was the victim of a political vendetta after he would not agree to a plea deal that included a shorter jail sentence. “I cooperated and they threw the book at me,” he said, noting that he only expected to receive a speeding ticket for the 24 minute stunt. In an interview with The New York Times, Tang insisted that he thought he could make a cool film that people would appreciate and that “the American legal system failed [him] and [he] needed to seek protection back in [his] country.”  Tang says that the police are now going after his wife for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Whether Canada will extradite Tang back to the United States still remains to be seen, however.

If you’ve been charged with reckless driving in New York, The Rosenblum Law Firm can help. Call us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

Reckless Driving and Auto Insurance Rates

Most drivers know that receiving a traffic ticket for reckless driving in NY (VTL 1212) is extremely serious.

After all, it can put you behind bars, put 5 points on your license, and carries a very steep fine.

Not only that but it also is a misdemeanor that will remain permanently on your criminal record making it harder to get a good job.

However, most individuals are unaware of the long term impact that a reckless driving conviction has on their auto insurance rates.

Unfortunately, some motorists are under the misconception that extremely high speed tickets, DUI/DWI, and other very serious offenses are the only violations that significantly impact auto insurance.

In reality, that is only a small piece of the story.

According to a recent study from, there are many other kinds of traffic violations that can drastically increase your insurance.

Out of all of them, reckless driving is known to cause the second highest premium increase nationwide. (It is second only to DUI/DWI.)

On average, nationwide, a reckless driving conviction will increase your insurance premium by 82%.

However, the particular increase you will incur varies depending on what state you hold your driver’s license and auto insurance policy in.

The following is a breakdown of a few states and the insurance consequences associated with getting a reckless driving ticket in NY based on the calculator quoting a modest policy of $1,000.

  • New York Residents: 42% premium increase
  • Pennsylvania Residents: 50% premium increase
  • Delaware Residents: 74% premium increase
  • New Jersey Residents: 88% premium increase
  • Florida License Residents: 93% premium increase
  • California License Residents: 181% premium increase

As you can imagine, the auto insurance consequences of being an out-of-state driver who receives a reckless driving ticket in NY are astronomical.

Consequently, never plead guilty to a reckless driving ticket.

If you recently received a reckless driving ticket in NY, contact The Rosenblum Law Firm today at 888-883-5529.

Should I Hire an Attorney to Fight My Reckless Driving Charge?

When you hop into your car to go to work or the beach, you hardly expect to get pulled over by a police officer, much less for reckless driving in New York.

Most people grossly underestimate the value of hiring a reckless driving attorney. Instead of looking only to the cost of the representation, they ought to be looking at the financial and criminal costs of not hiring an attorney.

Pleading Guilty to a Reckless Driving Ticket

If you plead guilty instead of fighting the ticket, you are not getting it out of your hair. In reality, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Remember, reckless driving is a misdemeanor that will appear on your criminal record and will never get erased (NY does not recognize expungements).

Additionally, having a criminal record will make it difficult to secure a job, get into college, receive a loan, join the military, or get financing.

Aside from that, there are tons of hidden costs that you may not be aware of. If you plead guilty, you will receive:

  • 5 points on your driving record (11 points triggers a license suspension)
  • A fine that could be as high as $300 for a first offense, $525 for a second offense, and $1125 for a third offense
  • An $93 surcharge
  • An auto insurance hike of 42% (based on

Pleading guilty (even for a first offense) could lead to you shelling out well over $1,000 in hidden costs, fines, and fees alone.

Moreover, depending on how reckless you were, you can end up in jail for up to 30 days for a first offense reckless driving charge.

Representing Yourself in Court

Some people fool themselves into thinking that they can win their case on their own, so they choose not to hire a reckless driving attorney. Others represent themselves because they believe that a traffic ticket lawyer costs too much.

Both are mistakes.

Besides the fact that hiring a reckless driving attorney will allow you to cut the line and tremendously reduce your waiting time, you are hiring an expert who has a rapport with prosecutors, knows a good deal when he sees one, and has done this before countless times.

By representing yourself, you run the risk of shelling out well over $1,000, serving jail time, and having a permanent stain that will follow you every time you apply for a job, loan, or try to get into a school.

Who Should You Contact?

If you recently received a reckless driving ticket in New York, be sure to make the right call. Contact The Rosenblum Law Firm today at 888-883-5529.

Understanding a Reckless Driving in NY Charge | VTL 1212

Nobody likes getting pulled over by a police officer, and much less getting a NY traffic ticket for reckless driving.

In the unfortunate event that it happens, you need to know two core ideas:

  • What exactly you are being charged with
  • How it can negatively impact you

What Does “Reckless Driving” Mean?

Each state will have a slightly different reckless driving definition. According to VTL 1212, it means that you were driving in a manner that “unreasonably interferes with the free and proper use of the public highway” or that you “unreasonably endanger[ed] users of the public highway.”

Notice how vague that sounds. Lawmakers did this intentionally to allow for a lot of different conduct to fall within the category of reckless driving. Many times, officers will issue NY reckless driving tickets for offenses that, ordinarily, stand on their own.

For example, going the wrong way down a one-way street along with speeding in NY are stand-alone offenses that carry different—and usually less severe—penalties than reckless driving. However, officers will routinely hand you a reckless driving ticket even though you should have received one of these tickets.

How can they do this? They find an “aggravating circumstance” like making a reckless lane change while speeding and trump up the charge.

With this in mind, reckless driving in New York becomes quite subjective and avoiding a conviction for it usually needs the assistance of a well-trained attorney.

How Will a Conviction For Reckless Driving in New York Negatively Affect You?

Unlike most New York traffic tickets, reckless driving is actually a crime—it counts as a misdemeanor.

Aside from a criminal record, a conviction could lead to jail time. You could face up to 30 days for a first offense, 90 days for a second offense, and 180 days for a third offense!

Many NY drivers are also unaware of the fact that a conviction could hurt your chances at getting a job. After all, the conviction will show up when a potential employer runs a background check.

You will also receive 5 points and could incur a fine of up to $300 for a conviction.

The final nail in the coffin is the astronomical insurance hike you can face.

A 2014 study by revealed that the national average insurance premium increase for a reckless driving conviction is 82%!

For reckless driving in New York, the rate calculator on reveals that your premium will likely go up by 42% for a reckless driving conviction!

Taking all of this into account, the potential consequences far outweigh the benefits of pleading guilty or taking the risk in representing yourself in court.

Be sure to hire an experienced NY traffic ticket attorney to help you with your reckless driving charge.

Who Should You Contact?

If you received a traffic ticket for driving recklessly in New York, contact The Rosenblum Law Firm today at 888-883-5529. Their experienced team of NY traffic ticket attorneys will go to bat for you and help you fight the charges you face every step of the way.

Alleged Drag Race Leads to Reckless Driving Charge Against Buffalo Bills Defensive Tackle

For the second time in one month, Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was arrested after being pulled over.

The first arrest occurred in early May, when Dareus was pulled over for speeding in Alabama and charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia after police searched his vehicle.

Then, according to a Hamburg, N.Y., police press release, on May 30 Dareus was travelling at high speeds along with another car near a local shopping mall.

Marcell Dareus
Buffalo Bills tackle Marcell Dareus who was charged with reckless driving after an alleged drag race. (Source: Wikipedia)

At some point during the alleged drag race, Dareus’s white Jaguar went off the roadway near the entrance of a Mongolian Buffet, proceeded over the grass, and then into a parking lot before striking a tree in front of the restaurant. Dareus’ car and the tree were both substantially damaged.

As a result, Dareus was arrested and charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment, participating in an illegal speed contest—all misdemeanor crimes—along with traffic violations, according to police.

Reckless driving has become a particularly popular charge among NY police officers. Since there is no set definition of what specific behavior constitutes “reckless driving,” police tend to take an expansive view and leave it to the courts to narrow it down.

It appears, however, that if the State can prove Dareus was drag racing and he did, in fact, go off the road, onto grass, through a parking lot and into a tree, based on the cases we’ve seen in which reckless driving convictions were upheld, he is likely to be found guilty on this charge (unless, of course, he is offered and accepts a plea bargain for a lesser charge).

But we’ve had clients charged with reckless driving for much less—and have gotten their cases reduced or dismissed. In the event that you are charged with Reckless Driving in New York, contact The Rosenblum Law Firm at 1-888-815-3649 and speak to one of our experienced attorneys for a free consultation on the best way to defend you against this serious charge.

Reckless Driver Kills 4-Year and Injures Her Grandma

10th Avenue, NYC arterial road.
10th Avenue, NYC arterial road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, on the Upper West Side of NYC, a 4-year old girl lost her life due to the negligence of a driver trying to evade the police. The driver, who was in an SUV, was involved in a police pursuit at the time he struck the 4-year old and her grandmother. Both victims were rushed to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital.

The Times spoke with a witness who reported that an SUV “was racing north on Amsterdam Avenue with a police car in pursuit when it swerved onto the sidewalk.” According to the police, shortly before the accident, the driver of the SUV had been pulled over for reckless driving. However, as the two officers exited their patrol car to approach, the SUV sped away.

During the pursuit, the driver lost control of his vehicle and struck a building approximately 15 blocks away. As he backed up, he struck the 4-year old and her grandmother.

The driver attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended. “It was a young guy driving the car,” said Nancy Caviera who witnessed the tragedy. “The police were trying to stop him.” Another witness explained, “He sped up to get away from the police—that’s when he hit the lady and the child.” Multiple reports say both victims were pinned against a building.

Unfortunately, this horror story is not an isolated incident. The 4-year old girl who was killed in this accident was at least the fourth child under 12 to be killed by a New York City motorist in 2013.

The mother of the 4-year old girl noted, “This is so hard … The horrific nature of this accident just causes every parent to step back and think about if it was your child.”

Borough President Scott Stringer promised “some tough questions” would be asked in an investigation. “We want to know whether protocols were observed. The police are going through their own investigation,” he said.

Remember, if you find yourself being pulled over by the police, you should never—under any circumstances—attempt to outrun them. Lastly, if you happen to get into an accident, never flee the scene (no matter how scared you might be) or you might get charged with the underlying offense (e.g. Reckless Driving – VTL 1212) as well as Leaving the Scene of an Accident (VTL 600).

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Celebrity Bad Behavior Behind The Wheel

Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter E...


Teenagers usually get a bad rap when it comes to some of the decisions they make behind the wheel.   Teenagers are notorious for speeding, running lights and getting distracted behind the wheel.  Recently, some of the major telephone companies like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile all joined together to sponsor a multi-million dollar campaign to stop some of these poor choices like texting while driving. 


It’s definitely a tough task to send a message to wild teenagers behind the wheel, but how do you get across to someone who’s earned millions of dollars before he was old enough to drive?  Justin Bieber is probably the most famous teenager in the world and has a garage of cars worth a couple million dollars.  But as any other celebrity that feels they may be above the law, Mr. Bieber is going to learn real soon that even he will have be facing the weight of the law if he doesn’t clean up his act.


Earlier this week teen pop star Justin Beiber found himself in trouble with the Los Angeles Police Department after being reports surfaced that Bieber was speeding around in his white Ferrari within a gated community.   It was said that on Sunday Beiber was driving recklessly around his neighborhood at a high rate of speed and in the vicinity of children playing.  Two separate calls were placed to the LAPD, with one of the calls allegedly being placed by former football star Keyshawn Johnson.


It has also been reported that after Keyshawn Johnson witnessed Mr. Bieber’s actions that he got in his Prius and chased Bieber down to confront him about his erratic behavior behind the wheel.  Johnson’s daughter is said to have been playing in the area of where Justin was driving and the former NFL star wanted to send Justin a message to let him know that he was not cool with the way the teenager was driving around.   It is expected the Sheriff’s office will file misdemeanor charges against the pop star.  Currently the pop star is refusing to comment on the incident.


Whether you are a celebrity or not and you have a run in with the law for reckless driving (VTL 1212), call the Rosenblum Law Firm today for a free consultation.  We have helped thousands of clients just like you fight traffic violations and avoid heavy fines and increased insurance costs.


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