Does the Rain Increase Chances of a Reckless Driving Charge?

This winter is almost over and what little snow we had will soon turn to rain. Both snow and rain can be dangerous for drivers and much like snow, rain can increase the chances of a reckless driving charge.

In order to be charged with reckless driving, you must demonstrate blatant disregard for the safety of others. Theoretically, simply speeding in the rain could qualify as a blatant disregard, since the slick roads and the excess speed would present a danger to others. However, unless your speed was truly excessive (e.g. 30+ mph over the limit), it is unlikely that an officer would deem it reckless.

Reckless driving is usually reserved for extreme behaviors, or instances where multiple infractions occur together. For example, if you were speeding in the rain with while tailgating, an officer might consider that worthy of a reckless driving charge. In this scenario, the dangers of the excess speed and limited distance between the cars would be highly exacerbated by the slick road conditions, which increases your chances of a serious accident.

Reckless driving is no mere traffic violation – it is a serious crime. A conviction carries a $400 fine and five points on your license, and could mean spending up to 30 days in jail. This is in addition to the fines and points from any other charges leveled against you. Moreover, a conviction for reckless driving will significantly impact your auto insurance rates.

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