“Afroduck” Convicted after Lapping Manhattan in a Record 24 Minutes

A driver who goes by the moniker “Afroduck” admittedly sped off to Canada where he is evading the New York City Police Department after he was found guilty of converting Manhattan into his own private race track.

Afroduck, or Adam Tang, 31, of New York was found guilty in absentia of reckless endangerment and reckless driving after he filmed himself racing around Manhattan in his BMW Z4, reaching speeds of 100 mph and boasting that his 26.4 mile loop of the city only took him a record 24 minutes. By virtue of his uploading the dashcam video to YouTube, police were able to track down Tang using his computer’s IP address. And although a Manhattan jury convicted Tang on Thursday, the speedster was already in Canada, admittedly fleeing the American justice system, before his conviction was even read to the Court.


Although now officially running from the law, Tang did however, speak to an ABC News Station, WABC-TV in NY, on Friday from an undisclosed location. “The biggest lesson that I learned through all of this is that if the cops come knocking at your door, don’t cooperate. I mean what kind of society is that?” 

The 31 year-old told Eyewitness News that he was not about to go to jail for his 24 minute trip around the island of Manhattan last August. Tang told the news station that he skipped town because he was “tipped off” at his trial earlier this week that the jury was rigged. Nonetheless, Tang was convicted in absentia. Although Tang admits to speeding, he insists that he took “much precaution to make sure that [he] did it safely,” by choosing an early morning hour when he wouldn’t hurt anyone, and even stopping at red lights.

Prosecutors, however, were not impressed with Tang’s self-proclaimed safety precautions taken. “Adam Tang,” DA Cyrus Vance said in a statement, “showed blatant disregard for our traffic laws, and this dangerous and illegal behavior, which he repeatedly flaunted online, placed lives at risk.” The Manhattan DA has taken a hard line against daredevils. In addition to Tang’s case, Mr. Vance has sought felony charges and jail terms for three sky divers who jumped off One World Trade last year.

According to Tang, if the Manhattan DA’s office wants him in jail, they are going to have to come and get him. Tang portrays his disappearing act as one of protest against the US Criminal Justice System and claims that he was the victim of a political vendetta after he would not agree to a plea deal that included a shorter jail sentence. “I cooperated and they threw the book at me,” he said, noting that he only expected to receive a speeding ticket for the 24 minute stunt. In an interview with The New York Times, Tang insisted that he thought he could make a cool film that people would appreciate and that “the American legal system failed [him] and [he] needed to seek protection back in [his] country.”  Tang says that the police are now going after his wife for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Whether Canada will extradite Tang back to the United States still remains to be seen, however.

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